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Embody Achievement Sculpture: Artist Vision

The carving “Embody” presents two idealized figures; a male and female. They are rising out of a crouching position, and reaching for the sun. The sun they are reaching for represents both an object to be held in their hands, and a “sunrise.” Essentially, this is a metaphor for embodying achievement—the dream of an expansive new day, is accomplished one goal at a time.

The female figure has her hand out ready to receive a prize. The man sees and realizes her anticipation; it is the reward for the work and dreams they have shared. The figures are idealized, because our ideals are what compel us to achieve our greatest potential. Individually and relationally, we support one another to create a greater good.

The two are supporting a brass ring, the symbol for striving for the highest prize, or living to the fullest.  The medals hung from this brass ring, are the reminders of one’s dedication to an ideal, a realization of a goal—the Embodiment of Achievement.

Embody by Michael Bergt; NUART Gallery, Santa Fe, NM



Michael Bergt is the artist of Embody Achievement. See his work at and in Santa Fe at NUART Gallery.



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